Was it my fault, that it didn't end well between us?

I made the mistake of texting my ex after we broke up a week ago (we were together only for 6 months, but we were friends for 7 years), trying to make sense of why he left me. He couldn't give me any straight answers,but he is now back with his ex girlfriend of 5 years (who cheated on him) and they have gotten a second chance of being together (his words).I got angry and sent him a text saying that it feels like he never loved me and that he broke my heart and that I hope he keeps the promises he makes to her as he has broken all he made to me. He replied that I was childish for sending him the text and that I must delete his number and move on with some one else as he will never feel the same about me again and that we might be friends again in the future,but that I shouldn't count on it. He is making me feel like it is my fault that things didn't end well, is he right? Maybe I should have just let him go, but it was so hard as I really loved him and wanted to fight for our love.


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  • If he went back to his ex girlfriend, he's just on a rebound, but you are doing something that's pushing him away, not too sure what it is. You can get him back, you just need to give him a little space.

    • Do you really think there is a chance to get him back, even after what he said? I asked him what I did wrong and why he chose her over me, but he said he did know what to tell me, I just don't understand it. I am giving him his space, but I feel every moment he is spending with her, he is moving away from me. So I am trying to move on.

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    • No, we didn't because we basically broke up two days before Xmas. He just loves her more than me (he said that he still has feelings for me, but not enough for a relationship) I think he just used me (but cared for me) because he was lonely. I think it would be best for me just to move on and forget about him.

    • You need an expert woman's point of view ==> link

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  • Let him go! He is not worthy of your time or effort! I am sure that he will realize what he has done and when he does he'll come back running and hopefully you will be strong enough to say the horrible things he said to you! If he's back with his ex they'll either work it out or break up again just don't sit around waiting for him to come running! Go out and enjoy your life meet new people do new things - show him he had his chance but lost it when he decided to be rude to you!


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