I want my ex back but it's like we're close one second, fighting the next?

I really still have feelings for my ex and I really think he has feelings for me to but he always closing down from me I can't lie I wasn't miss perfect to him but I really do love him and we was texting and hanging out a lot now if I text him he will text back but I don't get why he pulled away should I still try to work things out with him cause I feel like he's the love of my life or should I let him go and if he comes back then do what I need to do


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  • can you please tell me what actually happened, who broke up with who, that way I can tell you what to do next...

    • he broke up with me it was just everybody in our relationship people telling him stuff then telling me stuff

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    • he came over my house the other day and it felt like old time we was just playing and laughing and having a great time but that probably means more to me then it does to him

    • the fact that he came over and made time to spend with u, it means a lot to him too! eventhough if I was in your place, I wouldn't let him in to my life again that fast! BUT everyone is different, you might have done the best thing by letting him in, I don't know, I'm no expert, just an opinion! Even if it doesn't work out sweety, always remember there are so many other people out there who would LOVE to date u, don't let a guy mess up your life, there's so much more to life than love and relationships :) xx

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