Could he be cheating on me again?

I have a boyfriend...its been around 3 and a half years since we have been together.

The sad part is I have caught him cheating (thrice to be precise). I love him like mad. We are compatible to the keel. I mean we gel in so much.

He never wants to leave me. every time I find out something, he says he fell for it but he realizes his mistake and does not want me to go.

I have been told enough to Leave him. That is logical. But why does not anyone understand that we are now a part of each other. Its like we are the best of buddies. and in love.

The worst part was when he was heating me for a girl who was verry pretty and he said that he fell for her because she was so pretty. I have the lowest esteem possible since then :(. I think I am too ugly. Is That so true?

He is in Germany now, far from me.could he be cheating on me again...and have affairs there too.

Please help me out. I really don't know how do I leave him., He is like family. My best and only friend.

Could he be cheating on me again?
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