Could he be cheating on me again?

I have a boyfriend...its been around 3 and a half years since we have been together.

The sad part is I have caught him cheating (thrice to be precise). I love him like mad. We are compatible to the keel. I mean we gel in so much.

He never wants to leave me. every time I find out something, he says he fell for it but he realizes his mistake and does not want me to go.

I have been told enough to Leave him. That is logical. But why does not anyone understand that we are now a part of each other. Its like we are the best of buddies. and in love.

The worst part was when he was heating me for a girl who was verry pretty and he said that he fell for her because she was so pretty. I have the lowest esteem possible since then :(. I think I am too ugly. Is That so true?

He is in Germany now, far from me.could he be cheating on me again...and have affairs there too.

Please help me out. I really don't know how do I leave him., He is like family. My best and only friend.


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  • Well Don't have low esteem guys come across loads of pretty girls in a day but that deosnt mean they run off with every girl they see , firstly he must be attracted to you to be your boyfriend in the first place so that means your attractive ! but one thing he seems like a player I know you probarly didn't want to hear this but its the truth he seems to want more than he can have like he has ypu and he still wants more girls even if they are pretty that doesn't mean he dumps he girlfriend for her my advice is get a grip of things as they are ,face reality because yes he probarly is cheating in germany ! and You deserve way better than him an you can do way better than him I know you may think your in love with him but its probarly just lust because I couldn't love a guy like that sorry but that's me ! find some guy who really cares and wants to love you too and will work in the relationship for the two of ye and who won't leave you for a another girl because when a guy is in love the only girl he finds PRETTY and BEAUTIFUL is his girlfriend or the women he is in love with :)))really hope I helped :D x x

    • Yes I know you are right...everyone knows the reality at the back of their heads but I have a hard time accepting it.

      I Will Now Move On..

      Thanks a Lot :)

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    • errr...wat did I do?

    • Haa no not you dear this girl was sending scams on yur question so I was just stickin up for ya hehe lol :)

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  • Dump his ass! You think he is the right fit for you but once a cheater always a cheater! You will find that there are people much more compatible than him, ie; that don't cheat and love you for who you are and think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Learn to walk before you attempt to run.


  • if he loves you he would not cheat on you .

    would you cheat on him?

  • He is definitely cheating.


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  • It's really easier said than done to leave someone you are so close to and is like family to you. I've been there. Cheating is made so easy with technology today and with all of the options avaliable to men and's really a crime. What he did was wrong, but I do believe not giving up on someone you love. Overall he must love you because he wanted to be with you at the end of the day not them. How old is thisguy? were you his first serious relationship?

    • he is 23 years old. we love in same area. and yes you could say I was his first serious relationship. he did have a couple of relationships earlier but did not hang on to them.

      and thanks for understanding it so well :)

  • As soon as I saw "again"...i had to respond.

    I belive in once a cheater always a cheater.

    You can't ask other people about it because it's all about what YOU belive.

  • you need to leave him and you need to find friends

    • I have friends ofcourse...but I have never been able to connect with anyone as I do with him...u know the kind of wavelength we share

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