Should I mail it back to him?

So for his b day in November I got him hand cuffs. When he came to visit me (from Florida to dc) and I gave them to him, he left them in my room. So when I got back to Florida I brought them back for him, but I ended up breaking up with him because he wasn't very interested in me any more.

So I'm not going to see him anytime soon, and I go back to Dc for school in a few days.

I still haven't given him his Xmas present because of the break up, though I got mine in the beginning of my stay before the break up (weeks before the break up).

So I have his hand cuffs, his Christmas present, and our scrap book we passed back and forth while together.

We're on talking terms, we're just not talking now because the break up happened days ago.

I have no use for any of these things, having them around kind of hurts... can I just mail them back? or would that be bitchy?


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  • Easy enough: Box, comm, perhaps USPS mail, forgetaboutit

    Consideration for yourself:

    Put them all in a box that lives in a dark corner unseen and soon forgotten.

    A million years from now, the discovered box contents may find a use w/o any residual pain.

    Consideration for him:

    Send him a private comm that tells him exactly what's in the storage box.

    Ask him if he wants any of that (or copies of photos/scraps) mailed to him.

    No response? - no problem.

    Everyone is happy, everyone has been respected, no one is bitchy, hands are washed clean.

    Sorry to hear about this, on to better life.


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  • sending them back means sending him a message that there's no way possible of ever going back to the way things were. no second chance, no nothing, we're through. for good.

    if you want to tell him that, yes, send them back.

    • Ugh... I guess I have some thinking to do; not like he'll ever actually want me.

  • bitchy... just throw em away

  • Best ... Answer?


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  • If you don't want to go on with the realtionship in any way, yes send them back.

    If you want to rethink your breaking up, nope!


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