What should I do? I want her back so bad.

Today me and my girlfriend were at the park. She kept getting messages from this blocked number for a few days now. This guy in a red car was watching us. She thought it was that number and apparently the person said they'd kick my ass if they saw her with me. She went up and I got pissed. She came back and it was still one of her friends. I have trust issues with her and they hugged. She came back and I was irritated. Then she asked me to leave and she's see me tomorrow. I was walking up, she went to the bathroom at the park. Then the guy started following her, so I watched them. They started talking then she came up and gave me back the necklace I got her and said how she's tired of me not trusting her and everything. She said he got out of a relationship and he wanted to talk about it and she was helping. I am in tears now, I lost the love of my life. This isn't the first time this happened. I love her so much and I want to make things right. How can I get her back? Please..
Tomorrow we are going to go back to the park (hopefully) and try to work things out. What should I tell her? What should I say? I really don't want to lose her and it's my only hope..
She wants to talk like we're together but not really have a relationship, she wants us to see other people, she thinks it's best because she thinks I will just hurt her again. Don't ge tme wrong, I screwed up a lot in the past. What should I do?


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  • Before you get back with her you will have to trust her because that is the only way to move past this. You will have to show her you trust her. If she has done anything to make you not trust her, then it won't work out. But otherwise, you have to trust her. You should bring her flowers or something personal and apologize for freaking out.


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