What should I do about my boyfriend/ex-boyfriend?

I started dating this guy a year and a half ago, and we were really good together. We never really fought over anything, we had a lot of fun while we were together, and we were very much in love. In June, right before what would have been our one year, he broke up with me because we were each others' first girlfriend/boyfriend and he wanted to see other people before he committed himself to anything long-term (over a year). It's been about 7 months since then, and we still act like we're dating but he doesn't want to be my boyfriend. He still calls me every night and falls asleep with me on the phone, we kiss (although he won't let me kiss him in public), and we hang out from time to time. It's driving me crazy because I want to be with him, but he probably won't want to date me until after he dates someone else. But it's not as if he really even talks to other girls and even though he's good-looking and could date a lot of girls if he wanted, he makes no effort to do so. We still do love each other (I know this for a fact) and care very much. He admitted recently and publicly that he would be upset if I got another boyfriend and that he wouldn't really feel comfortable with it, even though he knows that I can since he's allowed to get another girlfriend. He also knows that I'm not okay with him getting another girlfriend. Even though he seems to think that he needs to be in a relationship with someone else, I think that if he does end up dating someone it would ruin our relationship and it would be difficult once he decided to come back to me. What should I do? It hurts to keep sticking around for him but I really don't want to give up on him. Does anyone have any advice on how I can make him come back to me?


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  • This is a difficult one. it seems like you two are bestfriends with semi benefits now. as for him getting a girlfriend, I don't know if it would ruin your relationship considering he loves you and unless he continued to see her for a period of monthes I wouldn't believe that she would be competiton. as for you getting a boyfriend, I think it may make him want you more since it is human nature for us to want what we can't have but at the same time I don't know and I would really just have to say that you need to sit down with him and either read this article to him or tell him all of this. I mean you love him and he loves you and its not like he's looking for another girl, tell him that how you are right now is hurting you becasue its really unfair for him to treat you like his "secret girlfriend" when he has to at least have a clue that it bothers you. communication is key in relationships so communicate that you want to be with him because you basically already are, another thing is how old are you exactly? both of you? because some of it does have to do with age, I've been with the same guy on and off for over four years (since I was 12) and we went through something kinda like this when I was 13 and he was 14, its one of those things. if you feel uncomfortable saying on here then you can either message me on here or add me/inbox me on facebook my user name is facebook.com/xo.ashley.morgan and I could try to give you more help with more details goodluck! I hope everything works out!


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