My ex always seem to come back into my life.

I haven't dated my ex for about two years now and just recently he asked to have me back, I said no, for the first time. He has been in my life for 8 years on and off all through out high school, and was a total ass to me and for some reason I couldn't get over him, maybe its because I was young. After high school he begged for me back and told me how much he would take back everything he did to me that had wronged me, and that he loved me. unfortunately I did go back to him and our relationship lasted for 5 months. He screwed me over (once again) and broke up with me cause he was in a band with my ex and it was too awkward, I was angry cause he knew this before we dated again and he also had no intention on being my friend. I was bawling, and he would not pick up his phone. I have seen him a few times at the bar and he ignored me. One time we ended up at the same party and he calls me crazy when he finds out that I'm coming over. Then after that night he gets my number and asks for me back. like WTF. Why does he act like this and treat me like this? It doesn't make sense.


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  • Because he's just messing with your head and you are allowing him.


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