What happens if you can't completely 'bounce back'?

Like after a relationship, it tends to take some time for you to move on and bounce back from being hurt or losing someone, or feeling betrayed. But what if you can't bounce back?

I'm over my ex and have seen other people, but I find that I take my resentments out on these guys, because my ex cheated on me. I just feel like I can't be nice, because they are going to hurt me. I thought I would eventually start getting over the feelings of anger, etc.

I'm actually having to pretend to be nice to them when really I want to just be a bitch, because I assume they are planning on hurting me. Its crazy, I know. What should I do?


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  • The same thing happened to me and I was angry for a really long time, and if I think about it now it still upsets me that he did that to me... it helps to write it down how you feel, gets the emotions out there. But you need to associate this anger with your ex and only your ex... there are good guys out there, and its not fair to them to judge them based on your exes actions.


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  • Maybe you're reacting to those individuals in that matter not only due to what you went through. But, also because their character gave you a remembrance of your ex.

    Or, is it to just any male in general that may approach you?

  • Hey I too am going through this. I feel it will take a few good people to come in your life and change this crazy pessimism. Just hang on some more time :)


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  • I'm like that. Mine cheated on my 18th with a 'friend' after a year and they took pictures of them kissing in MY room and put them on facebook them she would brag in texts and tell me he didn't love me even though she didn't know him and now I hate men. When they show interest I immediately think they want one thing and they are dirty nasty people. I just slept with an old friend I didn't see for 3 years them sent a textand he didn't reply (read my question)


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