A guy told me he sometimes listens to the 1st voice mail I ever left him...what does this mean? He's into me OR?

he's a stalker. lol. joking. I think he is into me, but how much?


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  • that actually sounds pretty sweet

    are you guys dating?

    • Yes, we actually just started dating not long ago. I was surprised that he does that, but even more surprised he TOLD me. He's such a sweet guy. I've never been with a guy who expresses what he is thinking this much. Most guys I don't find out they actually did seriously care until AFTER the breakup, you know? (Example-MY EX).

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  • Sounds a little bit creepy, but maybe he just likes hearing your voice or reminiscing back to when he first met you.

  • what a weirdo, I don't know what kind of guy does that ?

  • Most likely because you have a sweet voice. When I hear a woman with a sweet voice like for example a singer I replay it.


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