Why hasn't he emailed me back?

So there is this guy and me and him used to hook up all the time when I lived by him, some of the best sex of my life. But then I moved about 2 hours away and haven't contacted him in about 4 months, but now he on my facebook and writes all over my wall how he wants to see me and how he has been thinking about me since I moved and that I should email him. So I email him back something short asking how he was and that he should give me his number so we can talk, that was about a week ago but I still have no response so I emailed him a bit longer one saying how I would love to see each other sometime but still nothing. And he made it seem kind of urgent that I get a hold of him, leaving 8 different posts basically saying the same thing. So please tell me what is going on with this situation!


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  • give him your number and wait for him to call u..


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