Can cheating be forgiven?

i have been dating my boyfriend for two years and recently he told me that he has cheated on me twice..the first time was within the first month we were dating and the second was within the first week that was after we decided to get back together after a short breakup, he cried when he told me and I really believe that he is a changed person. both times he was super drunk (which I know is not a good excuse) but he hardly even goes out drinking anymore. I can't help but feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong or feel that I'm disposable but he tells me I mean the world to him and I beleive him but I'm still not sure what to do. opinions?

he never had sex with either of them just kinda fooled around.


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  • Sure you can forgive somebody for cheating but the really difficult thing is being able to trust them again; there's always that little nagging feeling at the back of your mind.


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  • Wow if you believe him and can trust him after that more power to you. Personally I was in a similar situation and the fact that he lied to me and broke that trust was the deal breaker. Cheating I could forgive but the lying that inevitably goes with it is not something I can easily get over. The fact that he did it twice is a redflag. I don't care if he was drunk or not but asking other people isn't going to help you dear. Only you know him and yourself enough to know if he can be forgiven and if yall can get past this. From the way you've worded things you sound like you're mind is already made up and you plan on sticking with him.

    If you do know that you'll always have that doubt in the back of your mind. And if you're not careful it will eat away at your relationship. If you think you can truly forgive him and you tell him you do, you can't use it against him at every fight or throw it in his face. You're taking on a burden that has an indefinable weight. Be careful and good luck.


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