What to do when my ex is becoming friends with some of my close friends?

i don;t think I'm completely over my ex. he has a new girlfriend and it literally make me feel dizzy even hearing about him. today I found out he's trying to get into my band friend.. and its not even a good bad. why the hell is he trying to get close with my close friends!? how do I deal with this


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  • My and and my friends were always just cordial with each other but when we broke up he became good friends with all of them and some of them talk to him more than me. My AP Psychology teacher said it's because their ego and they feel like they have to win the breakup. =/ All you can do is ignore him and act like he doesn't exist,its tough but it'll help you and make him crazy at the same time.

    I'm not over my ex either and it's like it's impossible to escape them but although its tough now it will get easier don't ever let him see you upset and just act like he doesn't exist


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  • u don't control him. its his life. he can do what he wants. BOTTOM LINE. stay out of it

    • obviously... I'm asking how I can deal with it.. now what I can do to stop it

    • keep your mind busy. get a boyfriend of your own. hang with your friends etc..just don't let your mind think you can control him. cause you dont

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  • Tell your friends how you feel. That you're not ready to have him back in your life yet. And if he was in their lives, then that would mean he would be in yours as well. Your friends should understand this and don't allow him to get to them


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