My ex girlfriend left me out of nowhere? I'm a lesbian.

So I was on a long distance relationship things were going fine my girl was amazing with me , she seem to care about me we both 19 .

She would make me feel love well we used to talk everyday , sometimes fall a sleep on the phone , we both have iPhones so that made the relationship better because we got to see each other on camera

We would text all the time , no one in her family knows she's a lesbian , well all of the sodden she started acting distance but at the same time she was like please baby never give up on me , I'm so In love with you she also asked me to marry her also said that I was her motivation trough her finals in college , things were nice she even talk to my mom well the point it's tht she got sick 1 week she didn't even talk to me the next day she was feeling better we talked on the phone , she was nice she was like baby I miss you I Want to bond she even repeated that she's in love with me while we were talking she was in her car waiting for her mom , as soon as her mom stepped in the car she was like baby I love you call you back , she didn't call me back 1day passes & she didn't reply back :( well then days pass again it was the holidays & her father family after that day she was more distance I started freaking so i started texting her telling her not to leave me I was acting very needy & desperate so she sent me a text and told me to calm down that she never mentioned breaking up but I kept on bothering her it got into a point the she ignores me completely sadly right but after that I was like let me stop texting her I sent her a text I was we need to talk she was like I'm dealing with a lot with my family I don't think I could handle a relationship right now And I was like OK I respect your decision wish you the best in life because I love you so I'll leave you a lone , after that I didn't even bother to text her at all . The same night like 4 hours after I get a text from her that says " I love you . Always have & always will . I'm just dealing with a lot & it's hard . " & I was like I understand you no matter What then we text for like 4 min I asked her how she was she said she didn't feel well I was me me either , then she said she misses me I said me too , then went to sleep , the next Morning I got a text from her she was like I miss you &. I said me too , then she never reply back like for hours when I check she sent me a pic of her ,currently I stopped texting her because she didn't text me back after new years because I'm thinking of giving her space & let her miss me because I really want her back I'll do anything for her please tell me of by me giving her her space could help me bring her back , thanks & please don't tell me to move on because I want to give it a try


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  • Go ahead and make it work with her if you don't want to move on from her.


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