Hey Hey Hey!! New year new problem:-)

Bf and I went to his best friends house, I'm actually really good friends with him as well. All his friends like me, they say I am the prettiest, and the nicest girlfriend he's ever had... even the ONLY girlfriend they ever liked. So during new years we were having a good time I met some new faces. about 3 months ago him and I split he felt "confused" and he started to date this girl he used to work with, well that lasted a month and half. anyhow so we recently got back together and we decided to start over, he said he realizes that I really do love him unconditionally and at 1st he never got the reassurance, like he's getting it now. so during new years I felt a little weird, I was holding back because his friends knew he dated this other girl, but during the party they all said no one liked her, and their glad he's back with me. My boyfriend wasn't drunk drunk but he was tipsy, during the party he kept telling me he loves me a lot and he's made some dumb decisions while we were together but that all that made him realize I am the one for him, I'm THAT girl for him. he kept telling me I am beautiful and that he doesn't know why I don't believe I am ( I am a little insecure I guess) then he asked me if I want to marry him next year, I just looked at him shocked, I mean he was drunk so I brushed it off and I guess that upset him, so after 12am his ex girlfriend called him and it bothered me he didn't answer though. I guess he knew it bothered me because I started to be more quiet and he came outside to the pool and said "babe I don't care about her she's no one to me, your important to me, I kissed you for new years I'm spending the night with you, it's you I want here in my arms not her, its the new year she just prob wanted to wish me a happy new year" I was mad still but refused to ruin a good night.

I feel like he's being honest with me, but I don't know I need peoples opinion, you know people who see things from outside the box


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  • Seems like he's being honest. From what you described, it doesn't sound like he's holding anything back or acting two-faced. He's not worrying about his ex, and is paying more attention to you obviously. So I don't think he's hiding anything.


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