Break up ... 2 Years ... Random Message ... ?!

Me and my ex broke up 2 years ago in July. It was a messy break up nothing crazy but we would still say I love you and things like that than stopped talking completely. For a year after that I texted him and said I missed him and blah blah blah but when I saw he was in a relationship I completely stopped contacting him. [Keep in mind I still love him a little ... if possible ha] After a year of absolutely NO contact he adds my sister on a network and messages her after 3 weeks with a "Hey stranger ! lol"

And continues to ask how I have been and what I have been up too ... my question is why didn't he come to me !

What is going on in his head ?

He is still with his girlfriend of a year [I think] !

Helppp !


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  • Sounds like he's dissatisfied with his current girlfriend and is reminiscing about the relationship he had with you ("oh the good time I had with her"... "she used to do this or that"... etc). He's probably contacting your sister to non-nonchalantly get back into your life to see if you'd still be available to him. In other words, why would he risk knocking on the front door when he thinks your sister might give him some inside information?

    You need to remember why you broke up in the first place and remember that there is another person involved now (his current girlfriend). If you do want to get back with him, don't just sleep with him because that would put you in a very vulnerable position. He could just blow you off after that, or you'll be a home wrecker in a relationship with a shaky restart after a "crazy" finish. Let him sweat for awhile and show that he wants to be with you too by leaving the other girl, officially. If you don't want him back, then tell him to stop bothering your sister. You haven't talked to him in a year, so he's obviously not a big part of your life. Whatever you do, he can't have it both ways.

    • Where were you 2 years ago ?! Lol thanks so much, great advice !

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  • I definitely agree with the previous answer. Most men, when they are unhappy with a certain aspect in life, tend to go back to the last thing that made them happy. Thus if he is unhappy with his relationship he could possibly be thinking about you an awful lot because, before this relationship that he's in, the last time he was happy was with you.

    My advice would be to do a lot of waiting. Play the wait game and see what exactly happens next. You may find that he is no longer with the girlfriend. Or you may find that he's simply just curious about how you've been. Either way though I wish you the best of luck!

    • They look happy ... which kills me ha ha but I am not a person to wreck some ones relationship, hopefully you guys are right ! ... Does this mean I shouldn't message him until he contacts me ?

      Thanks !

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