Why are SO many questions being removed?

I have seen so many questions that have been removed recently. I Have answered many of the questions myself. So I started to copy/paste all the questions I answer in a email so I can re read the question if it is deleted. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why they are being removed. Even one of my questions was removed for a previous post and I had not posted it any where (nothing even remotely close to it) previously. So any thoughts as why this is happening?


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  • The only reasons I could fathom being truthful:

    1) They are running short on funds to keep up with the demand of bandwidth.. So they delete old questions to make more space on the site.

    2) They see the same questions answered a million times ("Is my penis big enough?") and people post the same question hoping for either new answers, as a troll, or because they were too lazy to search first

    3) This site is maintained real-time, if and when they service the site it might temporary remove such questions or accidently yet "permanently" erase them.

    4) There is someone working for GaG with admin access that is a new hire and doesn't understand which questions should be removed and which should be left..

    etc etc

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • They're really cracking down on removing questions lately. I don't know why, so many of mine are being removed and most people can't fathom why. I think their idea of what is irrelevant is different to yours or mine, lol.

    It hurts my feelings just a little bit, sometimes, hahaha.

    • tru tru

    • i generally don't care if my question gets deleted but my grossest thing question shouldn't have been deleted. pure bullsh*t imo.

    • Yeah, that's really weird man. That was a cool question. I could understand maybe one or two answers being deleted for being well whacked out, or having links to 'vulgarities' or something, but not the question.

  • what was your question, give some examples?

    • ion has been removed by a moderator and is no longer available on the website. View Guidelines

      Remove Reason: Your entry has been posted in a different category than what it was originally posted under. Please select the most appropriate category for your future posts. Thank you for your understanding. 12/22/2010 11:55 AM

      Here are some simple ways to make your lover happy... and anyways it went on as a list of things on how to flirt . I hadn't posted anything remotely close to this before.

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    • Well if that be the case could they have said submit it some where else instead of you all ready posted this? Later that day I posted the EXACT same thing to see what would happen and it wasn't removed. Just confuses me. A question I answered about what soap is best for genital washing and I thought it was a great question not profane or vulgar. person who asked it was above 18 so I just really didn't get why it was removed.

    • Maybe the second time you posted no one reported you, and it looks like they did tell you that you had to post in a different place, maybe their wording was off because they have automated responses and can't be specific with everyone

  • cuz theyre d***s

    • damn straight on that. my question about what is the grossest thing you've ever seen was deleted for being offensive. what kinda sh*t is that? sh*t, I was gonna give you best answer on it too, you got f***ed.

    • haha, I prob got it removed with the lemonparty.org

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  • Thanks for your posting! I am sorry if you're feeling frustrated.

    You should have received an email with a general explanation as to why your posting was removed. If you would like further details, please forward the email that we sent to you, and I will provide you with specific information regarding the decision to remove the posting.



    GirlsAskGuys.com Team

  • Haha one of mine was removed and it wasn't bad at all! Maybe someone may have said something bad, but thy censor it anyway...So I donno?

    • They removed one of yours? Oh mannn. Whatever for?

    • Psh cause they musta gotten confused by something. Lol all my questions are fine and not bad in any way so who knows?

    • Haha, yup =]

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