Why doesn't he want me in his life any more?

i am a 26 blond swimsuit model, environmental law student, tennis player,virgin and christian, and charity worker an ex-boyfriend I broke as long distance, as too hard to make it work but we decided to be friends : )

i was cool with this as I got all the benefits of having him in my life but getting to date other guys : )

Now I am the first girl to say when I think another girl is amazing, I thought at one time I am a lesbian as I get girl crushes and I am not being rude here but he got the ugliest date ever personality and physically, but when he saw me came up to me and hugged me, but it stil upset me so I messaged him when I got home "it's the hardest thing in the world not being your girlfriend but I am so glad we've come this far and are stil friends and I love you : )" he text back and said he felt the same way

after that we talked every day, he checked my blog everyday and we had friendly phone calls but I stil said I jus wanted to be his friend"

THEN one day I asked him to the beach and he was off with me so I rang him immediately and he said that the date had and he was dating was jealous off me so he couldn't see me anymore, I burst in to tears and he said he'd have to "care for me from a distance" and he didn't know how long for so I agreed but cried my eyes out.

i carried on as normal and kept updating my blog and said a quote "don't ever apologize for who you are"

i couple of weeks went by and he was failing at school but we didn't see each other or talk, then he updated his blog wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving"

so I sent him a message wishing him a happy Thanksgiving and how much I missed him as a friend - no reply

then I sent him one a few days later asking if he won't talk to me why read my blog everyday as it felt weird and uncomfortable ? no reply

then a few days later I text it was upsetting me so much its affecting my tennis

he then said "i've blocked your blog so you don't have to worry about me reading it "

shocked I called him no answer so I messaged " if he would like to be a part of my life read my blog or not and then we perhaps could finally move on and he said

"i choose to not have you in my life we move on"

WTF I haven't stopped crying this was a guy who said I am the most amazing beautiful girl in the world, kind, sweet, smart funny, and not other girl in the world has anything on me, so why doesn't he want me in his life any more ?

and he's still best friends with my uncle


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  • No see you friend zone'd him.. He may have said he was okay with the friendship thing because he was in denial of it but when you started dating others it hit him and he decided to cut his losses. I'm sure you are the most amazing beautiful girl in the world who's king sweet smart and funny and that they broke the mold when they made you. But all he wants is a relationship, nothing more. There's a good chance he want's your body as well and now that he knows that's not happening he's breaking off from you.

    • u guys are the best : ) feel so much better when you guys say it like that

      thanks you a lot lostboy and Franco b

      u are awesome : ) I should jus cut losses and find a guy can talk like this : ) your girls are lucky ladies : )

    • Always here to talk, just throw me a friend invite and I'll bore you on IM for as long as you want. ;)

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  • Who did the breaking up? He may still have feelings for you (especially if your a swimsuit tennis playing model!) and realized he can't be friends. He doesn't have any obligation to be anything now your broken up. Best thing you can do is accept it and not contact him again. If he changes his mind he'll contact you.

    • we both decided it would be easier if we were friends, as we are away a lot and when we dated it was to difficult to abstain.

      and it jus felt like we were better friends : ( yeah I know you are right he is not obligated to be anything now we are broken up but I thought I had made a friend for life as we get on so well and he said he has the utmost respect for me

      and he's still best friends with my uncle, sees/speaks to him,

      yeah haven't wanted to contact him - jus trying to understand : (

    • theirs no reason you can't be friends in the future but it'll only work when all romantic feelings for each other are gone. It's pretty hard but sometimes the only way. My ex of 2 months has been trying to contact me but I just am not ready to be friends with her again yet. I've told her and she understands. It's always best in these circumstances to be totally honest with each other as both of you are hurting in one way or another. But it'll get better, I know that much!

  • sorry but that was a f***ing mind-ache to read, even more-so to understand. can you please summarise what happened?

  • What's your blog?


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  • Because sweetie you tOld him you want him only as friends , and also you contact him too much give him some space let him really miss you do not call him or anything let him miss you , he's prob confused and doesn't know What he wants , he already knows your gorgeous but guys & girls need their space give him that ! Sorry if I'm bein hard on you but I went thought the same thing my ex girlfriend told me she loves me but it was hard we been broken up for 2 weeks I was always txting hwe & bothering her than I was like you know What I'm gnna stop people need their space ,it's funny because she also used to say I'm gorgeous and also play tennis lol , well my point is tht people need their space let him b the 1 tht calls you or what ever dnt chase him or talk to him it's not nice give hi space & ull see things are gnna change you never know hope I helped :) good Luck gorgeous


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