Getting over someone you planned on spending your life with?

How can I do it?


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  • Fall in love again... not with another person, but with yourself. Find a hobby that you have always wanted to try or sounds exciting and let yourself be engulfed in it. Watch funny movies, listen to happy songs, smile as much as possible and surround yourself with people who do the same. You won't forget about this person and it may be hard at first, but you can do it, just have fun!


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  • I'm right with you. I just lost someone who I planned on being with forever. unfortunately, I treated him badly and he now refuses to speak to me and has told me there is no chance of working things out. my only advice is what my friends are telling on yourself. if its meant to be, it wil be even if it is 5 years down the road. one hopefull story...when I was 16 I dated someone who I was in love with. we broke up after 8 months. we both moved on, he got married and had kids, and I had a child with someone. I thought of him often. 4 YEARS after breaking up, he showed up at my door! although it was short lived and he only wanted one thing (im sure you know what I mean) he DID COME BACK! so I guess this is proof that its up to the ex if they want to come back. nothing you say or do can make them want to be with you. I've realized this, yet its still hard for me to let go. I don't have many friends and he was my world. I wish you the best of luck. and if you think of how to let somone you love go, let me know.

    • The last few lines of that made me a little teary!

      I also treated my ex bad, well not bad but caused an unnecessary argument. I can't help but think what if I didn't do that? Right now I'm refusing to speak to my ex because he's been messing me around ever since we broke up. He isn't giving me a yes or no answer to whether we can work things out he says "I hope so, but I dunno" To me, that's a no. We haven't spoken properly in months :(

    • Please check out my most recent post. I am FURIOUS with my ex now. He has hurt me for the last time. Its crazy going from me saying I'll never get over him to now. I mean, of course I still love him. I will for along time. But I no longer wish to be with him. He is now speaking to some other girl. I don't believe he would do that so soon if what he said (he loved me, wanted to marry me) was true. It hurt, but now I'm just full of anger. Yes, I agree, sounds like a NO. Damn, I'm running out of space

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