Break out if the friend zone questions?

I Was Hanging Out with a girl that I have known for a few months and she says that where she was sitting was sticky and wants to check her butt means that she is not interested in more then friendship with me. So I would like to know how I could get out of the friend zone, some tips and how long it should take


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  • In my experience, it's really difficult to get out of the friends zone once you're in. Not impossible, though.

    Okay, being placed in the friends zone is usually caused by one of two reasons:

    - She doesn't want to put your friendship in jeopardy

    - She knows you really well by now and as a result, thinks it wouldn't work. Maybe she knows you have different interests or different goals from each other.

    For example, my best guy friend. I love him to death and I depend on him for so much, but I wouldn't date him if I had the chance since we don't have much in common.

    So, if you can pinpoint the reason you are in the friends zone, that might help you learn how to get out of it.


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  • Ask her questions like "are you seeing anyone" but click the link for more advice. (hope this helps) :)



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  • do you want to risk not being her friend because you want to be in her pants?