She left me and now she's texting me?

her- thanks for texting me back last night


her-k I won't bother you anymore

me-what do you want me to say, oh hey thanks for ripping my heart out last week in Kohl's parking lot. when you say you miss me a week after you say you don't love me, you expect me to jump right back into it, that's not how I work.

her-k well you see a ton of chicks at your work and talk to my two ex friends who hate me...whatever its just not meant to be I guess.

me-yup totally, never talk to them. no its not, because you can't make up your mind


me-you don't really miss me you just don't want anyone else to have me, your jealous you want me to want you but you don't want me. I'm not stupid, when a girl says they don't love you they usually don't.

her-I've liked you for 3 years all I want is for you to let me live my life.

me- I am but y do you keep saying you miss me?

her-cause I do miss you, we were best friends



me-no we had a relationship. I will never be your best friend

her-that's what I meant omg

me-oh, I just don't wanna do this right now_____. you left me

her- okay then

well guys what do you think, she left me and now she's texting me this sh*t. is she toying with me or does she really want me? we dated for about a year and a little bit like a week or so in 2009, I wasn't ready for a relationship at the time, yes we have had sex and I took her virginity.


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  • shes toying man! Listen, what you said was so true! bravo you stood up for yourself! she is jelous and no she cannot make her mind up! by the looks of it you seem like a nice enough guy to care, your just fed up, you do know what your doing, and you dodnt nothing wrong! so do not let her say you did. You have every right to be down woth this bs, because that is exactly what it is. Its a new year which means a chance for a new everything including a fresh start. Maybe its time to leave the past in the past...because the past doesn't hold you futre. Do what is good for you, for once..if you catch my drift :)

    believe me I understand this situation completly, and its okay to be a little selfish at the moment, you deserve it. And you know what else, if you don't wanna answer those dumb text messages, then dont. You don't owe her anything

    • the thing is still love her, I just don't get it, weve done this before, she's mad because I was kinda controlling and stuff, which I admit and I'm gonna work on in the future, just bugs me when she would hangout w her friends instead of me and then those friends would wanna hangout with other guys. so id get upset, she did the same thing to me tho so idk, we are so much alike its nreal I love her I wanna be with her I just don't know what I need to do.

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    • we have been through a lot and I don't know I care maybe too muck? I just want everything to go back to the way it was, the summer was fun we did everything together but I lossed her somewhere along the way and its painful thinking about life without her. I just wanna fix it but how?

    • let it take its course, you human and you have your needs and wants, but you also have to be a realist hun, I know it hurts but things don't just go back to being "normal"

      however, you two have history, so of course it won't be easy. But did you ever think that maybe you guys have been in eachother's lives for so long that now you may be a little unstable without each other because its such a huge change. Its normal and it happens. Its going to take time.

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  • She really wants your attention.

    im sure she still wants you to care about her or be in her life somehow. If she wants to be BFF too soon she's trying to have her cake and eat it too.

    Girls love attention and it bothers us when you don't give it to us. We like to test the waters and see if you're still interested by stirring up the pot a little and looking for emotion. Don't give it to her by saying things like "you ripped out my heart" just be firm and continue to let her know that its too soon for you to be friends.


  • I think you should just leave her and get a new phone number. She sounds like a bitch. And honestly, you're right. If a girl says they don't love you, they usually don't. And doing it in a parking lot is 2348792837 times worse


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  • Annabel is totally on the money. year ex just wants you to make her feel okay about everything. I had a girl pull the same sh*t with me only I am a total chump and so I tell her she's awesome and everything is fine between us when really she ripped my heart out and hooked up with an old boyfriend, got pregnant and is getting married after supposedly "loving (me) more than any other girl ever has". I am nice to her since she's pregnant and I don't want to add stress to her life but really she tossed me to the curb, f*cked me over and never looked back.

    sorry... got carried away there. Lesson for you is, either you can keep chatting with this girl and helping her through this hard time until she gets on her feet enough to date some other guy, or you can tell her to kick rocks for being messed up and if you want to be with her, give it some time to let her colors shine, if they haven't already.

    • icic that's horrible man, a lot has happend since I wrote this, yeah she's inmature and dumb we havnt spoke in three days, I'm not contacting her at all om waiting for her to contact me, if she does I don't know what illl do. probably ignore her lol she needs to realize I'm the best she can get, and not to take me forgranted and she really needs to stop tweaking about girls adding me on facebook, I got mad and deleted her from it because she kept bitching about it, next day she texted me sorry if I was mean I just c

  • don't fall into the trap... if she did it once she will have no problem doing it again

    • take drama right now, 5 min later she tweaked and said I deleted her so I could add and talk to whores. then said she thought it was funny, I said k, she said k :). havnt spoke since ugh ssssoooooooooooooooooooo now what ha ha keep ignoring?

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