He keeps cheating but I still love him. What do I do? I really need advice

I have went out with him like over 35 times but the problem is that he keeps cheating on me. The only reason I know this is that he tried hitting on my best friend then 2 minutes later he calls me not knowing I am at hers. I go off at him like screaming every name under the sun and he is just laughing. I have no idea what is his problem or my problem because I keep saying I'm going to leave him but I never do. I am from a small town and things get around really easily. When I was 14 I remember a rumor that I was pregnant with his child. I'm 20 and still have no kids. Anyone I really need help at the moment I am not dating him but he is trying to get back with me. I keep saying I will see.


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  • Shit girl, you're in a very big damn problem. Just dump him. I know it would be hard for you to get over with him but, he's cheating on you continuously right? he'll keep cheating on you in future too. Then you might get more hurt more pain. So isn't it the best time to get rid of him?

    And about love? OK you love him. but what returns is he giving you? Just think about your parents at the moment. Just think about how they took care of you since you were born. Nothing is compared to that love. Am I right?

    and you got friends. hang out with them most of the time and try to party and rock hard. One day the guy would realize his things.

    And always remember, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND"

    He will face the same things when he falls in love.

    So just be happy mate :)


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  • Often times the person in love seems to be blind to reality. You seem to know what's going on but you're not owning up to the fact that this guy probably doesn't care as much about you as you hope. If you know for sure that he has cheated on you, you should really look somewhere else. I'm sure you'll find a guy that won't cheat on you or laugh at you when you're angry at him. Look somewhere else for a man that will love you as much as you love him.

    Really, I think you should ask some your friends that know this guy, and ask them what you could do. They would be able to give you the best opinion. God Bless

  • he's useless! Dump him. Pronto.


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