Reestablish contact with ex girlfriend?

I have had no contact with my ex for 2 months should I send her a text saying "Hey hope you had a good winter break" or something like that. Yes I still have feelings for her we are both 19 years old. I smothered her and that's why she broke up with me and I made a commitment to the relationship that she could not possibly keep up with.


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  • Yah man it sucks. I was in a 3 year relationship and now my ex and I don't Talk. we've been broken up for 3 months, first girl I ever fell in love with etc. But your setting yourself up to be hurt again, trust me. It takes a lot longer to recover than two months, and the longer You two were together the longer It takes to heal. I know you have questions/feelings/hope that it might work, but you probably don't, regardless of how close the two of you are. If you have started to heal then keep doing just that. It hurts a lot to be rejected again by the person you love, and it can send you back down to a pit of depression.

    You will slowly start thinking of her less, the pain will very slowly go away, and you will be able to love again, but you need to heal. From my experience being friends with an ex is impossible. Too many past emotions and memories. Heartbreak sucks man, what's worst it makes you question life, but Its an emotional learning experience for the person you are going to spend your life with. If your going to contact her... wait 6 months. Its a long time but you need to make sure You can distance yourself from the emotions of the breakup, and 2 months is just not enough time. It took me 2 months Just to get rid of What felt like an endless pain in my heart. I know how You feel, praying and bargaining with a god you don't believe in, arguing with yourself as to why, shame, embaressment, hopelessness, agony, depression. Its all part of the awful experience. But trying to reopen closed doors is going to resurface all those emotions that have taken the last two months to heal.

    I hope you take my advice. I've been there.


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  • If you guys ended it because she accused you of smothering her, no. If the smothering is associated with you being clingy, or something of the sort, I think it would be in your best interest to just get over her.

    To add onto that she made a commitment that she couldn't keep, two months isn't going to change that. Chances are, she's the same person she was when it ended.

    I think things would be better for you if you just moved on. Even though I hate the no contact rule, and am struggling with that myself, I suggest you don't contact her. If she contacts you, that's a different story.


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  • If you're still "wondering" if it's a good time to get in contact with your ex after no contact, then you're still not ready. You're going to mess it the second time around. This dude can give you some good tips ==> link


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