Let him continue to pursue me?

There is a guy I just started dating about a month ago. Things are going pretty good ( he's respectful, total gentleman, etc.) he seems to really like me. He def throws out more compliments to me. I REALLY like him, but he doesn't know how much, because I don't want to scare him away (he's divorced) so I am letting him do most of the pursuing. Should I let it continue this way? When can I reveal to him that I really am crushing on him?


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  • Its my assumption that if you are dating, he knows (or he should know) that you're crushing on him. Perhaps just smiling with some flirting going on is a simple sign. Chit chat and going out on dates, or even inviting him to do some things with you (don't say date) will show him that you're into him. Make him pursue too much and he might think you're not sure how you feel about him; and perhaps he might even be worried that you don't like him or some of the things he does.

    • Thx for the advice. It's a fine line to walk, because some women can come off as desperate, which I am not.

    • UPDATE: You were the BEST advice, because I contacted him today after about 5 days of no contact. WELL, he seemed really happy...he also pointed out that he is the 1 always initiating contact. So, I think that he was actually waiting on ME to contact next. Glad I did! :) THX

    • woot woot, awesome. Good luck to you both then :)

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