All I want is my ex back! Help me!

I broke up with this boy I've been going out with for 4 months. I thought he was using me for sex as he took this girl out witch I don't mind about cause I know there good friends but he only seemed to invite me other his house. He NEVER took me out. After were finished it kind of felt like he wanted me 2 go straight home after. Its his first day at his new school as he got expelled from mine. I deleted him of everything but I can't get him out of my head! Knowing him getting another girl kills! Everyone tells me to forget and move on but its not as easy as it seems. I tried getting him back but he didn't want to know. His already forgot about me. When I broke up with him he didn't sound a tad upset. He made it clear that he don't want me in his life anymore. He said some hurtful things that night but I guess I still love him! I am really close to this boy at the moment. His 2 years older then me. His 16. I told him what happened then automatically he invites me round 2 have sex with him! I feel like I'm only on this planet to make boys feel better for sex. I can't say no! I'm in a big mess at the moment. All I want is my ex back! Help me!


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  • Ok. First of all, you don't want your ex back. he was just using you for sex, because I have been there and a guy who doesn't want to be seen with you in public and doesn't want to hang around you afterward is only interested in the deed itself, nothing beyond. So forget about him, he is out of the picture, and doesn't deserve to be in your life.

    As for this new guy, tell him where to go. Let him know that you are not there for his sexual pleasure. Guys today have no respect for girls because of how easy many girls will give it away. Don't be one of them, respect yourself and your body, don't have sex at least until you're a bit older. These are the years in which you develop your self worth, you don't need to have your self worth defined as a sex object for guy. Because you're not that at all. Just be the girl that they can't get and you will be viewed more highly than they view the other girls who out out. Good luck. And please follow this advice because I have been where you are and I wish I had of had someone there to lead me in the right direction.

  • i suppose you are just 14? you are too young to know whether some guy is "the man" for you.

    you ask yourself... you make a choice regarding wht you want in life

    choice 1:

    a)the guy treats you as a sex toy

    b) he doesn't give a sh*t whether he is with you or not

    c)he use abusive language

    d)he certainly does not respect u

    choice 2:

    a)some guy you respects you and will love u

    b)he would care and sex would be part of the love between you too..and not the sole reason

    c)who would want to be with you and make a commitmnt

    believe me girl... you make choice and your choices make u...

    the decision you make now will determine wht kind of a person you will evolve into.

    i know it is hurting you but bear it... because the darkest hours come before sunshine.

    and these are not some meaningless quotes.they have been written by people who have seen life... you are too young and right now you are listening to your fears. listen to other who know better fr your own good.


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