Would do guys NOT get back to you?

If a guy tells you he is going to call or text or message you after he messages/ calls you asking to make plans later on, and doesn't get back to you, what does that mean? Why do they do this?


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  • Simply not interested, girls and guys do this.

    Don't take offense to it, it's an easier way of rejecting people indirectly.

    • Yea, I can understand that, but why would they ask you to hang out or invite you to a party or something later on, and when the girl tells them to message her when they're free so they can hang out, he just doesnt?

    • I've asked for girls numbers and never called or I've dated a few girls and never answered again Where I usually give the "hey I'll call soon." Of course, girls have done this to me in the past as well.

      But i;ve never made actual plans and flaked since that's pretty rude. I have had girls do this to me where they agreed to go out, come time to meet and Vola, no one's there. Either way, they're a-holes for doing that and basically saved you the hassle from dating them.

    • haaha, well thanks :P but its weird since I know them both pretty well and have hung out several times, I just don't understand what changed

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