Back and forth! ex problem.

so ever since my ex moved for school he's a different person the one who used to love me more than anything! is now shady, and almost tries to act all hard but says "he still loves me" wants to be with me just can't right now this has been going on for 9 months the day he left, yes I messed up in the relationship but I was also young and immature and theese 9 months I basically made myself a fool and begged, cried for him back obv that didn't work id tell him I can't do this anymore and we would stop talking for acouple days then id get back intouch this went on alot! I knoww how stupid am i... well my question is what do you think this means... you see I still love him and wish we could work out but its clearly not and I'm tired of him treating me like this so I sent him a text lastnight and said this

"you were so right! I can clearly see it now after you've been in town about a month now and I've only seen you twice you were right! I don't think itll ever work out again between us either, no hard feelings just happy I'm aware now and on the same page maybe we can be friends sometime in the future"

well he didn't text me back so I texted him a sec ago and he said this

"leave me the f*** alone go back to jerseys bar with your trash and then go text me back that at 2 in the morning don't text me back"

i said uhh? I texted you at 11 and what's wrong with going out you go out, what's the problem were both adults here"

then the last thing he said was

"its cool jus leave me alone you said what you had to say"

does this sound like he could careless?...but why would he be mad


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  • jealous if he cares about you going out.

    • thanks! but I'm just confused maybe I should just leave him alone for acouple months and see if he comes back

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