My EX has a girlfriend, but says he still loves me? What do I do or tell him?

I was with my ex almost 6 years! We've been apart almost 2 yrs. We did go through a 6 month period of "messing around" but I ended that as I didn't want that. My heart was broke, I believe his was too. He was buying a house, etc & said he was under pressure. Weve held regular contact since we've broke up (atleast 2-3 times a week).

He had a best girl-friend who was gay. She ended up breaking up with her girlfriend, and asked to Rent a room with my ex..because she had no where to go. This upset me because this was the house WE were supposed to share, but I believed they were just friends. After a year I started talking to other guys. My ex tried to come back around, but I figured he just wanted to be physical & I wanted more than that. I had a feeling him and his girl best friend were liking each other, as he did like her before she came out & said she was gay (before we were together). I would ask him if he was seeing her, he always denied it. Today someone at his job told me, he was seeing her. So I asked him about it, he confessed. I asked why didn't he tell me, as I told him when I was talking to a new guy. He said because he still loved me, and his head was really messed up. (Just last week we were texting, & he wanted "dirty pics" of me, which we always used to exchange, he sent me pics, but something told me not too and I didn't. He even asked if I wanted to come over. ) I asked how could he want me to come over, and he has a girlfriend?! He keeps saying I rejected him! and how he tried to come around! He did, but it seemed like he only wanted sex,etc. He said whenever he tried to call me I was angry!..which I was! he left me after 6 years! I was hurt! He said he was lonely, and didn't know what else to do. I honestly thought he would come back for me, when he was less stressed out! & now he's with her, and yes it hurts, I tried to move on because I thought he was over me! Now I don't know what to tell him, or myself! He keeps saying everything is messed up! and he wishes he knew how I really felt! so confused! any advice would be great!


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  • Well, he is right about one thing, everything is certainly messed up.

    Okay, so here's what I've gathered.

    1.) you have a good head on your shoulders

    You ended the purely physical six-month 'fool around' nonsense

    You decided against sending him 'dirty pics'

    The first thing you ought to do is recognize your good judgement here. You aren't letting yourself be his plaything, which leads me to...

    2.) He is more concerned about getting sexual favors out of you than what he doing to you emotionally, translation: he's being a jerk

    Continue to make good judgement calls and lay down the truth about how you feel about the entire situation. He shouldn't get to mess around with her and still string you along, let him know he does not have that option. plain and simple.

    If he wants to be with you he has to be a man and decide to be exclusive to you and he has to stop seeing you as an object. Be honest and don't take any excuses. His excuses are just buying him more time to try to wear you down. Take a stand.


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