Why does my ex boyfriend keep looking at me?

He has a girlfriend of 3 months and broke up with me 6 months ago. I went to my high school basketball game and I noticed that while he was playing and during time outs he would take glances at me or look out of the corner of his eye. He fouled once and the first thing he did was turn around and look right at me. I told my best friend that he was looking at me and she said she noticed it too. She told me that her boyfriend saw that my ex kept looking at me while a big group of us were hanging out the other night too. I haven't talked to him in a while and he knew I was having trouble getting over him. Why is he doing this?
guys opinion would be greatly appreciated for this situation!


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  • well that's weird since he has a girlfriend now but I think may b he still has some feeling for you if you hav it too or if it bothers you try to rconect with him or may b try hav enough contact with him tht would be the best I guess to know what he is upto..

    ifu hav any further questions let me know...


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  • Ok i need help... what does that mean of my ex boyfriend still looking for me and still texting me?

  • i guess guys just like it when they know a girl isn't quite over them or having trouble doing so... makes them feel special maybe? lol

    well anyway my advice--> ignore him! its not gna change anything.. only bring you more confusing thoughts and it will be even harder to forget him! oh and plus--> he has a girlfriend...


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