Is possible for someone to married for twelve years and come back to the former lover

i have girlfriend that dump me for another guy, pass back 1998. but now she want to come back, after she has given birth to four children. i ask her the reason why she want me back in her life. what she could say is that, she is not happy with the marriage at all, that i am the only one that can give her the true love she want in her life. this second time she is try this with me. the first time i turn her down, but this time there is no way for me to escape.


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  • Caps lock isn't cruise control for cool, cut that sh*t out.


    You're a rebound, say no, don't get involved with a divorcee with 4 kids just after her break up. If she dumped you the first time she'll do it again.

  • No way for you to escape ayee, aren't you in a pickle.


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