Guys, would you want to know if your girlfriend cheated on you?

My friend cheated on her boyfriend and told me. So guys, if someone knew your girlfriend cheated and covered it up, would you want to know? And if you would, would you want someone to straight out tell you or just hint that you should ask your girlfriend about it?


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  • I found out that one of my guyfriend's girlfriend was cheating on him. My boyfriend told me not to tell him, because fate will break them up anyways. He allowed me to tell my guyfriend once they had broken up. My guyfriend told me that he was glad that I told him the way that I did, because it would have caused more problems for me as far as her and her friends trying to be b**ches.

    I believe that everything that is meant to workout will. God will always let you know so don't forget to ask him for help.


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  • Yes, I would like to know. Just because I don't know about it, doesn't mean that it never happened or that it doesn't have consequences. Use your discretion on how to tell him, but he needs to know.

  • I would want to know straight up, so I could dump her ass for being a cheating whore.

    • Thanks,

      It's a bit difficult though, because she is my friend and he's not the kind of guy who would just dump her for that.. thank you though.

    • Been there to be honest except I didn't tell and now they are happy as can be because my friend learned his lesson... That's a 1 in a million chance that'll happen though.

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  • Slap that bitch with a fish.


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