Will he come back after saying he doesn't want a relationship.

Ive dated this guy for around 11 months. 5months into it, he told me he didn't want a relationship anymore and wanted to be single. We kept on seeing each other for 1 1/2 months then I cut contact with him and only a week later he came back to me saying that he was too comfortable with me and wanted to date again, and we dated for another 5 months. He recently did the same thing to me told me I was the perfect woman but that he didn't like the relationship stuff(cuddle/giving attention) He really tries to be my friend and wants my attention and he also works with me, but I've been ignoring him since. I also gave him all the space he needed(let him see who he wanted) and never asked questions and I wasn't that clingy. We even spent days not even contacting each other and no, he never cheated on me.

Before me he was never in a serious relationship and he is 26. How big are my chances that he will come back a second time?


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  • There is a good chance he'll come back. But I'm not sure why he's broke up with you. You think you might be putting pressure on him?

    • He told me it's because he doesn't feel comfortable in a relationship, and I didn't force him to see/call me and I wasn't the jealous kind at all. I don't think I ever pressured him to do something he didn't want to...

    • also 2 other guys from work are telling me that he gives them bad looks when he sees them talking/laughing about jokes with me

    • well, he obviously still likes you, but something is up.. this girl can give get him back fast for you => link

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  • If he truly has feelings for you, I think he may come back. Though since he never had a real relationship before you, it's hard because he may feel there are other things to be experienced..Totally no hard feelings! I am just saying this because I know guys well and I know that some think that way, not all though. But if your friendship stays intact and you continue to talk and interact mostly, then I believe things will work out as they should.

    • Well I told him I didn't want to be his friend, and I've been ignoring him since around a month now (except at some situations at work where I have to ask him a question) I know that he really wants to talk to me, but should I continue ignoring him and pretending that the breakup isn't hurting me for him to get back?

    • Playing hard to get can make him not want anything to do with you. There are certain ways around it, but not talking for really long periods of time can be a bad thing if ya want him to come around eventually. Maybe turn it into like once every week or two and don't be cold to him, but just say answers as if he were any other regular person rather than an ex.

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