What do I do if a guy says he cares about me as much as I do, but doesn't act like it?

I've liked a guy for 3 years, and he says he cares for me a lot, like I care for him a lot, but, it seems like I"m the only one putting effort into the friendship, to show that I care, he doesn't really ask me how my day was or ask if I'm doing okay, he just doesn't really talk to me unless I text or call him first, so, what do I do? Forget about him and move on? but how do I get over my feelings for him after so many years?


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  • You have the answers think about before you met him you were fine then I'm sure and you will be fine without him. No point putting your all into someone only to be messed about with. Why don't you try not contacting him and see how long it takes for him to call you. If he takes a day or more witou contacting you pick up his call and tell him it is over if he's fast tell him about the problem you have and maybe you an bot work it out

    GDLUCK whatever happens :)

  • he probably really does feel the way he says. it just may not be the right time yet.


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