Why do exs think they can win you back? When they are the ones who broke up with you first?

So when I dated my ex he was saying he wanted to find someone different from all his exs and he liked me for who I am and saying I'm different from other women. Made it like he wanted to be with me. Then few months later he became distant to me and then came out saying we can't be together cause one of his exs he was with before me got prego from him and he wasn't expecting to get her pregnant... smh. But made it like he wants to try for the baby with her. But said he still wanted to be friends with me cause he didn't have a choice cause he didn't know he accidentally knocked his ex up. Then he said he would take me back if him and his ex don't work out cause he misses everything with me and still cares about me. Like to me seemed odd why be friends when he broke up with me over someone he didn't want to knock up... and why go try for the baby when really his ex is gonna end up as an single mom anyways. 🤔
Like I wanted to ask my ex "why be friends when you broke up with me first" and "why try for that baby with her when you didn't want to be with her in the first place"...


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  • Women want to change a guy, so did her break up change the guy? I mean surely he learned from breaking up with a great gal like me. That is why so many women end up with losers and avoid nice guys. They want to try changing the loser. It hardly ever works and they end up with having kids with him which adds more problems to the mix.

    • Well my ex has 3 other baby mommas, which he doesn't get to see those kids. Cause he said they all cheated or lied or treated him badly. But still breaks up with me just cause he knocked up his ex. So now he wants to try for that babyy. But then said if him and his now baby momma don't work out he'll come back to me. Which that was like 5 months ago he told me that... smh

    • And you still talk to him? He should be erased from your mind. You should run from him and refuse his calls. Really , I know this might make you mad, you should have never been with him. If my daughter did that , I would be forced to call her stupid to get involved with a guy like that.

    • No. I deactivated all my social media cause of him. Hopefully he'll delete me. That's on him. Cause I know he was bull shitting the whole time, I doubt he'll come back to me.

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  • There's too many whys. "why does hebdo this or that? “
    What makes him so special for you to deal with beeing a back up plan and deal with some baby drama situations like that?

    • Tbh he actually has 3 other baby mommas even though he don't get to see those kids. So I don't know why he would want to work it out with this baby momma. Which I doubt it's gonna work out. My ex had a hard time finding a job. All he does is smoke is medical marijuana and play video games.

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  • I tried getting back with an ex once. Just because she had the tightest and wettest pussy of all time.

    I didn't want her, I wanted that pussy

    • I like your honesty. Too bad you aren't into having friends.

  • That guy is full of shit. It is a degration to your character if you decided to continue talking to that man. He does not really respect you. You are a back up bitch.

    • Back up? What about that woman he's with that gonna have his baby. I mean she's just gonna up a single mom. Like he was trying to be all sorry cause he wants to try for that baby and then asked if we can still be friends.

  • Probably because a lot of the time they can.

    • Wym? They can

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    • Nah I don't really understand what you're getting at.
      Like if he doesn't want his kid hrowing up with a single mother that doesn't mean you can't be friends

    • No. I mean he's the one who broke up with me cause he said he wants to try for that baby. But then way later said he would take me back if him and her don't work out. Which I doubt it's gonna work out. Cause he wasn't with her all along til she came pregnant. Like if he wanted to be with her, he should of been with her all along and not try to be with me. Even I was on the bc pill. He said she was too but accidentally missed her pills. He said he had a feeling she was pregnant but wasn't for sure... smh

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