Ex question! are there any feelings or that was it?

Knew my ex for about 10-12 years, used to hang out, one night we got drunk and we made out. At that time I was in an on and off thing w someone much younger than me, just casual sex and my ex in a similar situation. We hit it off immediately, making plans, sleeping together every night, the pressure was too much for both of us. He became distant unexpectedly and then told me that he needed time alone and that he was not able to meet my needs. Since that day things are very awkward between us. We have texts in the night, "where are you", "we need to talk" sort of stuff, but generally we avoid meeting, whenever I appear somewhere he leaves, and vice versa. I know that he is fooling around w so at work and so am I, but I believe it's of no importance. It is hard for me to see him without us being together but I don't know whether this is the case for him...what should I do?


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  • Definitely give him some space. Maybe you're pressuring him too much


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