Recently discovered that my ex cheated on me when we were in a relationship. Should I confront him?

He doesn't know that I know about it. Part of me thinks that I should just let sleeping dogs lie and not bring it up. What's in the past is in the past, Right? But I don't want him to think he's got away with it with me and cheat on his next girlfriend and hurt her. What should I do? I still have to see him once a week and work on projects together because he is in my drama group. I'm not sure how he will react or if he will lie to me if I ask him outright. I don't want things to become awkward between us but at the same time, I don't feel I can move on until I know for sure one way or the other. Please give me your help and ideas and opinions on what to do. Thanks in advance. :) by the way we split up 2 months ago


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  • This is a sticky situation. Personally, I would let it sweep under the rug and move on. Being that he is your ex now, there is no point in pursuing the past. Luckily, he has become your ex and you were fortunate to find out his cheating habits afterward.

    If you were to approach him, really nothing would come of it. So you approached him, let him know you knew, and then what? Become even more of enemies? Open a door for him to further hurt you? Things you don't know, can't hurt you right?

    It is better to know what you know and remain neutral towards him. By approaching the situation, it may make things more awkward and create a rift between you two.

    I think you need to move on with your life and take your relationship as a lesson. Be thankful he is no longer a part of your life and that you have the freedom to meet other men who will treat you better in the future.

    I hope this advice helps. Best of luck!


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  • He’s an ‘ex’, right? You now know it and he for sure knows he’s a cheating scumbag. You need to move on inside your head and move on with your life.

    You’ve still got negative emotions going on which aren’t doing you any good. Confronting someone who’s no longer a part of your core life is a little bit like revenge, by the sound of things. That’s just negativity you really don’t need. Should you really care about what’s he’s done in the past? Get rid of him out of your mind and move on with your future with someone trustworthy that loves you for who you are.


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  • I say HELL YES you should tell him that you found out. Its just like you said, if you don't then he will think he's gotten away with it and think he is sly, which definately builds his ego and confidence to pull it on the next girl. Don't be a doormat. It will empower you and although I can fully understand why my answer may not be the best thing you"should" do- who the hell cares- he can't just get away with it (in my humble opinion) that is. Stand up for yourself,I say. Id tell him off no doubt! But don't yell or scream or call him immature names. Just tell him you don't think it was cool and that next time he may get so lucky etc...I mean how can you not?And you have to talk to him in class and act aloof, as if nothing happened? Uh-uh...not me sista.Straight up.


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