How to contact him after a one night stand?

Hi, I met a guy at a party, he seems attracted from the beginning, was by my side all night. We ended up spending the night, then the next day (with his friends) and the next night. After that he had to go back to Paris (I live in Barcelona) but still texted me that he had 1 hour free before leaving and wanted to go for a coffee (I couldn't go). At one point during the second night I asked him if he was seeing someone in Paris cos I'm going there in 2 weeks and wanted to know if we could meet up. He answered: just out of a bad relationship and not looking for a relationship, but still would be OK to hook up in Paris.

4 days later, no news from him.

Really am interested in the guy and I'd like to know him more. Didn't feel like "only" a one night stand...

In need of opinions... is it a good idea to contact him? is there a chance for more?


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  • Sorry, but it was only a one night stand. Any relationship that is majoritally sexual to begin with such as FWB or in your case, one night stands, rarely if ever develop any further.


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