My ex started talking to me a few days ago and everyday since?

I still like him. A lot. And it surprised me when he started talking to me on Monday. We've talked only a little since September. We dated last year but I never really saw him. But this year we're in the same school so I see him all the time. He dumped me but I wonder if he has any feelings? And when I talk to him He doesn't make much eye contact. He looks down and plays with his hands. Please help. I still love him.


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  • ahhh this is a hard one since you guys didn't talk for a while..well if you guys dated for a long time and he really loved you he may not have moved on..nd if he puts the effort into talking to you there may be somethin there..but give it a little time..just wait for the signals and if there seems to be soemthing there dnt be afraid to talk to him about it and ask him about his of luck :)


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