Do girls break up more often?

We know women file for divorce the vast majority of the time. But what about non married college age and up. From what I have seen girls break up way more often.


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  • Well I don't like dumping people, so in the majority of my relationships it was my ex-boyfriends bringing the relationship to an end. And I find that amoung my friends, the guys tend to do more dumping and the girls tend to get dumped more.

  • The reason women file for divorce more often than men do (at least from what I've learned in school) is because once men find stability in a marriage, it's more emotionally taxing on them to leave it. Guys have to put in more work than women do to find another partner to replace her, since men tend to do the pursuing. Also, women have more of their emotional needs fulfilled by their same sex friends than guys do. So basically, men need the marriage more for their emotional well being (That's why men are more likely than women to commit suicide after a divorce) and to avoid the work of finding a new partner.

    In relationships though, I'd say they're pretty 50/50. Maybe even more the guys' doing. I don't know the answer to that.


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