Should I be friends with my ex?

we don't even live in the same state anymore, but he apologized for ignoring me for a whole month without saying its over. I still didn't get any closure from him and I don't want to ask anymore because I know it will only worsen the situation. should I just completely ignore him like he has done to me?


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  • to start have never answered any of these questions on this. but for you I am needed to. Iowa 33-year-old man, that I was in serous relationship with the woman for five years.and she did the same thing, stop talking to me or hang out with other people for no apparent reason.I ended up moving to states away, for a new job. At that point we lost contact. I just recently found her again or she found me. on Facebook. We have actually become friends now, but there were three years do we really didn't have any communication with each other. I think you really need the time of separation to get over the feelings get on with your life. Don't let somebody to drag you along as backup, hope that helps


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  • Here is what I would do. You don't have to do the same, it's just a suggestion.

    I would talk to him. I'd be friendly and I'd do my best to not show how much he's affected me. If we were then comfortable with each other or he brought it up or something, I would ask him. Just say "Yeah I was never quite sure about that... so what happened, anyways?" If he hesitated, I would persist and let him know I wasn't mad and was just curious. He apologized already, so at least he knows he was wrong to do that.

    I have a situation kind of like this. My boyfriend (first love) stopped talking to me for no apparent reason and a month later, broke up with me with a fake reason. I pretended I believed him and that I was fine with it. Three months later, I finally got over him. Now we are friends and we are comfortable with each other. One day, when it feels right, I'm going to ask him what the real reason was. Hopefully, he'll feel like it's okay to tell me. :)

    Haha I don't know why I just told that story. XD Hope it helps, anyways!


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