Let's say a guy has a huge crush on GIRL A, but invites GIRL B to hang out. Would he have sex with GIRL B?

This guy, via his FB posts obviously had a big crush on some girl, but she must not have been interested. He, by chance invited me over to hang out (within a day or two) and we ended up having sex. I left directly afterward and we really haven't said much of anything to each other since. I tried to contact him a few times, but he wouldn't reply and is basically ignoring me.

Do you think if a guy has a serious crush on a woman that he would go ahead and have sex with another woman, when it was basically public information that I was going over to his house...

After that night, the gushy "crush" like messages stopped for like two weeks, but now they are starting up again... (two weeks later) I don't know, the whole situation seems really weird. What do you all think about it?

I like the guy/have a little crush on him, but was only visiting town and live hundreds of miles away, so there isn't much I can do but just ponder the whole thing.
Lookin back at this question the guys hit it on the nail. He ended up dating the girl he had a crush on and then she later dumped him... I, being far away, have never spoke to him again, but I kinda grinned a little when I found out she broke his heart :P


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  • He's a guy, he wants to and will have sex, given the opportunity. Didn't even need to read the post to tell you that.


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  • I hope he would


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  • Good G*d! A very similar situation happened to me. Except I didn't contact him at all after we had sex. He contacted me when he saw me at a party.

    Let me just tell you what I learned from that situation...YES! People don't change. The guy still had a crush on my roommate even months later. Ever heard the quote "the heart has its reason of which reason knows nothing"? Well, guess what else! The heart has its reason of which penis knows nothing. Meaning: a guy can have sex with one girl even though he has feelings for another. And having sex with him will never change his mind.


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