Should I give this guy another chance?

I met this guy in September and fell really hard for him. Recently he texted me saying that he "wants me now" and I'm wondering if I should give it a second try.

Back story: The guy and I would hangout before class and I really liked him. I'd leave anything I was doing study sessions, hanging out with friends, dinners. Just to hangout with him. Well one morning I went to Breakfast at a restaurant an he kept texting me. I explained that I was at breakfast with the girls but he kept texting me making it impossible for me to enjoy my time with them so I made everyone leave early. The guy meets me at my room and we had a pretty big fight over absolutely nothing I can't even remember what it was about . It was so futile. Well he walked out and waited for me at the top of the stairs to get him but I was so OVER compromising at that point. And I basically watched him walk out on me and our relationship. I was extremely hurt and I cried for about 3 weeks. The next three months we'd see each other out and about and he would act as if I didn't exist. He wouldn't text me back or acknowledge me. Note: we have not slept together

Recently he texted me and our convo went like this:

Him: Hi

Me:Sup? (after asking him to identify himself cause I deleted his number.)

Him:So what time are you coming back to campus?

Me: I'm confused

Him: About?

Me: this, how do you go from ignoring me and treating me like sh*t to wanting to chill?

Him: Your cute :)

Me: I want a real and honest answer.

Him:I'm sorry...:(

Me: Your not even telling me why, you really hurt my feelings

Him:I really liked my ex but now I'm over her

Him: I'm really sorry and yeah, I want you now :)

Me: what you did was super f***ed up and I'm not saying its okay but I'm guessing we can chill.

Him :) :) :)

* we continue to talk and he uses pet names such as baby, babe, hun, baby boo, and love

** I ask him why he is attracted to me and he responds with saying my face is beautiful and my body is banging. He also states that he missed/misses me

He normally would never talk to me like this and I called him out on it and he responded with a stop :( when I asked him where his real self was he responded with a I don't know :( .I was like don't be sad I meant it as a compliment that you've changed .

*** So after getting the back story about us should I give it a second shot? Or is he just trying to get me to sleep with him?

Should I give this guy another chance?
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