Me and my ex - what should I do?

so me and my ex been broken up since last year and we been cool and the fighting and we just out of a fight and he came over my house and we had sex it was great it felt like he missed me and I missed him after we watched a movie and play fought for 4hours and he life cause it was 5am so the next day I was freaking out didn't know if I should text him or not or was it just sex so the next day I did and we talked all day is this a good thing cause I don't know I believe he wants me back but I know how guys are


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  • Well I'm going to be 100% honest it's a good thing you guys talked afterward but he idea that you guys had sex I'm sorry to say this but he should of mention getting back together before having sex . Now what you have to say to him is ask him where you guys stand for are you guys back or what ? Ask him because he can't just call you one day and have intImicy . I'm glad he did called you afterwarsd and you guys talked that's deft a good sign :) . Well I wish you best of luck xoxo , be strong and positive .

    • thank you but my thing is when he came we chilled wached a movie played then had sex then played and watched another movie and talked and he left cause I fell asleep but I'm texting him he isn't texting me first he always text back but he isn't doing it first does this matter or am I making a big deal outta nothing cause I really wanna get back together with him I just don't know

    • Have you guys talked ? Well I really hope you guys get back together uhmm to be honest he should of text back but maybe he was busy you never know just stay calm OK Honey :) don't think about it too much think positive .

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