How to tell my ex I want him back also?

how to tell my ex I want him back also? I feel like he wants me back. he has been contacting me. and telling me he misses me and he loves me. he is even getting jealous (I think) with the guys who have been contacting me because I'm now single. he said he has no rights to tell me anything about that but he has been asking me questions. updating me somehow with what is happening to him. but he told me I'm not the same girl he met before. it really irritates me because he thinks I changed. he doesn't even notice I changed because of him.

before he was telling me to move on and forget about him. he said he loves me but he thinks we can't be together anymore. but now he is doing this. I'm not really contacting him because I think he doesn't want me anymore even though I still want us to be back together but now he is contacting me. I'm so confused. he is like a puzzle


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  • If I were you, the next time you have a serious conversation with him, depending on where it seems to be going, I would tell him everything you are feeling. If he says he loves and misses you and you haven't said anything about your feelings, it leaves it wide open for him to assume anything..he may think the opposite of what you are really feeling. Just be honest with him.


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