To dump or not to dump?

i'm trying to decide whether or not I should dump this guy. LO L so just for fun answer: DUMP or STAY

the details are irrelevant. I just wanna know what you guys pick

your bullsh*t ramblings are irreverent. ANSWER with DUMP or STAY. SITUATION I had a prego scare and don't want sex as much. Boyfriend doesn't care either I'm going to give him head to substitute or pussy. now you presumptuous pricks DUMP or STAY?
and another thing.. YOU assholes aren't deciding anything I asked for opinion.. smh


Most Helpful Guy

  • You don't even care about this guy do you? Plus you think its funny to to put something like that up here. I pick neither and think that he should realize that you are cruel and dump you instead.

    • F*** OFF! if you know what's good for you. you don't even know the situation or how carelessly he disregarded my concerns... presumptuous bastard

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    • If he was rude about it like that then yeah I suppose you would want to dump him. but you don't need to get angry at us for you not taking the process seriously in the first place, you weren't even asking for advice, which is what this site is for, you just command us to pick something without knowing the circumstances, and then get angry like we should have known

    • okay thankies

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What Guys Said 3

  • dump him

    cuase if you are going online to have people pick for you and not telling them the details, he can do much better

    • yea another presumptuous prick... you don't know the situation. but if you did your foot would def be in your mouth honey. and I'm only asking to see what kinds of people are on here are they negative or positive.

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    • right...well your feedback is p*ss to me so go f*** yourself now.

    • Will do. =D

  • Just dump him, from the information it seems like he is cheating on you.

  • If you have to ask...or are doubting it, then dump him


What Girls Said 3

  • That`s so thoughtless, that`s another human being with feelings your talking about and your asking us to decide for You whether or not to dump him, is this the meaning of relationships nowadays for some people? Why be in a relationship that doesn`t ean anything to you?

    I can`t believe you actually said "Just for Fun, DUMP or STAY" How about this eh? Grow up

    Details are never irrelevant btw

    • haha... idiot.. who can't simply answer with a one word answer..

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    • very!

    • Haha that's good!

  • Dump him.

    If you're that carefree about it then it sounds like you aren't very dedicated to your relationship, he should probably be with someone who cares a little more.

    • if you knew the situation you'd def be putting your foot in your mouth honey.

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    • so... my ass... assuming that its my fault I'm dumping him is idiotic once you know the reason. funny you pricks don't follow instructions . I said say dump or stay. those both look like one word answers to me. smh

    • Don't get so upset. :\ I told you, dump him.

  • hmmm... Smh DUMP


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