How long should it take me to get over this?

My boyfriend of three months (I know that's not a long time, but he was my first boyfriend) broke up with me for his exgirlfriend from high school (we are freshman in college). I also realized after the breakup that he was contacting her the entire time we were dating. I'm eighteen, and up until now I have avoided dating and everything (not form lack of offers, just because, I don't know, I never like anyone enough to date XD ). What is a reasonable amount of time to get over this, because he is my first heartbreak, plus I have the added sting of being kind of cheated on/used as a rebound and left for someone else? :(


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  • My first break up was hard and it took a long time to get over... and it didn't help that we were in high school and I had to see him everyday. It probably took about 6 months to move on (even though we were only together briefly). But if you give yourself space from him and cut off all contact it will help speed up the recovery process.


  • since he is your first and you liked him a lot it will take a while to get over him. it took me forever to get over my first boyfriend. like the other chick said it can be up to half a year.

    i would suggest just keeping busy, if you do this than the time will fly by A LOT faster and its not nearly as painful. maybe even after a little bit of time you can try dating again to see what's out there. I mean you are 18! go have some fun ;)


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