Guy didn't text me back?

This guy and I have had a thing for about 3 months now and we've hungout and stuff and for the most part he'll always text me first and we'll talk all day with a few lapses but still, usually all day. But, after this one time we had a date (which I thought went really well) he texted me after he left which I thought was a good sign but didn't talk to me for a couple days after and then I found out he was really sick. Anyway, I ended up texting him this week but I never got a response and it's been 4 days. I don't think there's anything I can do at this point. Does this mean he's just not interested in me anymore?

And, if I were to initiate contact with him again first, won't that come off as needy or desperate? Or will it get his attention and keep him interested since it's been 4 days? I just don't know what to do.


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  • In my opinion,there is a possibility that he is busy with other things. From what you are saying,there is no indication that he has lost interest in you. SO,i don't see anything wrong with you contacting him again to see what's going on...that doesn't translate to desperation. That translates to you showing interest as welll,afterall, HE was messaging you almost everyday. Did you equate that to desperation? No,right? You equated that to interest. If I were you, I would message him again and find out if he's okay etc. For all you kniw he could be in the hospital! (God Forbid) But you get what I mean. If he doesn't get back to you after you reach out to him...just wait. Be silent. As time progresses and then he is still not contacting you,then you can assume he is off you,but is being a coward by not contacting you. You know when people just act like you never existed. So for now,take a chill pill and contact him. Time will tell what's going on...Good LUCK! :)


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