How to bring him back?

I know this guy for about 6 months now and he's been showing strong signs of liking me since the very beginning. He stares at me, his friends are always all over me. He and his friends always try to include me in their plans for outings and all. He has always helped me in whatever problems I have faced till now. So it was normal for me to start having feelings for him too. Although I've never talked about it with him(both of us are really shy) but I feel he knows about this. He is still paying attention to me. He calls me regularly but it's always about the same 2 or 3 topics that he has in mind. He's gotten so predictable. There are so many things that we can talk about but he chooses to talk about the same stuff.

And now I've started feeling that because he finds fewer things to talk about with me, he has started to lose interest in me. He is not chasing me the way he used to before. Has he gotten bored of me. I'm too shy to pursue him. And I'm kinda used to him making the first move. Is there any solution for me to get him back.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You can think of other things to talk about, and if he isn't going to make the first move, do it yourself shy or not, you can chase him too. You might think its hard but think of all the shy and nerdy guys that have managed to do it over and over again, even if they don't always have the best self confidence.

    • Ya your probably right. I shouldn't just wait for him but I should at least try to chase him too.. thanks:)

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think it's a loss of interest, more a loss of what to do next. He's probably aware of the fact that you're talking about the same things all the time, so he's afraid that he's boring you. The next time he calls you, initiate some new topics. You don't have to be the pursuer, but when he does pursue you, you need to help the guy out.

    • You make an interesting point. There is a possibility he might just be afraid he's boring me. thanks a lot and I'll surely try your suggestion..

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