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me and this girl have been talking for about 2 weeks. We have one class together but other then that we don't hang out at all. I can drive for 2 months and she drives now. I really do now how move to hanging out. If I could drive I would ask her if she wanted to go get something to eat like I would pick her up. So I don't know what to do now because I don't want to invite her out somewhere and then ask her to pick me up or something like that. Also we don't really have the same friends so its not like we can just hang out as a group. so is there any ideas of how to move on, should I just wait and hope she asks to do something?


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  • Just be confident. After class, catch her attention and ask her if she wants to go out for lunch or coffee and talk about the assignment a little more. You can do the typical "study buddy" thing to, and ask her to tutor you. Also, as you go to the same school, invite her to go to a school sports event with you, or a club meeting. Or at least get her number by asking her if you can call her if you are confused about the homework. Good luck! Just be charming and confident, don't be creepy!

    • this is good advice but the class is art and not to be cocky or anything but I am much smarter than her so the tutoring thing wouldn't work and there isn't homework or assingments because its art. but the talking isn't the problem I have we number and we talk a lot the thing is I just done know what to do to go from texting and talking in school to hanging out outside of school like going to the mall or movies

    • Well maybe get some friends together to see a movie or play sports in the park and invite her along so that at first it is with friends and more comfortable. After seeing her outside of school a couple times in a group context, it may be easier to ask her out on a date. Try that!

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