Can someone help me with this?

dunno if I can ask this here or not but I have a cold which is causing a massive earache and its stopping me from resting any ideas to stop this pain?


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  • put a warm damp rag over the affected ear and lay on the opposite side (i.e, rag over left ear, lay on your right side, and vice versa) and try to rest. it might work, but idkk. I once went t the doc for something like that, and she gave me medicine that worked after like two days

    • it worked well thank you very much

    • no problem. it usually does for any ache. I did it the other night for an awful sinus headache and it worked real quick :)

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  • I'll highly suggest you go see a doctor A.S.A.P, your cold seems like something you shouldn't try to handle by yourself.

  • It's pretty common to get earaches with a head cold. You should try some things in the Cold & Flu aisle, like eardrops. If the pain and throbbing isn't lessened, see a doctor (ideally an ENT - Ear, Nose, Throat specialist). Your inner ear could be inflamed.

    • cant see any doctors for a while

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