Guys, Will he ever contact me?

i have been in a 2 year relationship..he was the first guy first love of my life...we had an on and off relationship..he claims he cares about me a lot and often asks my friends how I am doing even after the break up..its been almost 2 months...he even tells his friends fake rumor that I cut my wrist for him and stuff which was a lie and he also told them that I am a bad person and I talk to random guys and play them...which I never did..i don't know why is he doing this? and plus few days ago my friend told him that I was moving to a diff country and she advised him me and him should be friends again he said no and that we have already tried it ..and he told her that he still cares bout what kinda bs is that?

regardless, I still have feelings for him I still love him..i just miss the great times we have spent together and miss seeing and being with him..i sometimes feel like he has used me for his physical needs..but I am not sure..coz he backs up whenever he hears I am moving some other country or watever..idk what it is..i need guys opinion about this..and why he keeps saying all that sort of bs mentioned up there..and I really want him to contact me take me back..idk if he will come back ever.! please somebody help me!


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  • I read the one answer which said "why would you want him?" the answer "cuz you love him". we cannot help who we fall in love with. I'm still in love with my ex and he slapped me, pushed me, screamed at me, and much more. yet I still love him. its hard to let go, even when we have very good reasons to never want to speak to them again. what I realized is that I don't necessarily miss my ex, I just miss the comforableness that we had. the fact that he knew me, I knew him, there were no surprises. Its fear also because our exes knew our flaws, yet were still with us. and now we will have to go find someone else and have to go though all that work again. everyone says that time is our friend. and with time comes relief. but I don't know about you, but I wish time would hurry up. do not wait for him though. you can beg, plead, cry, buy gifts, do the no contact, make him jealous and so much more, but none of that will work if he doesn't want to be with you. you cannot make him. you don't have to stop missing him or loving him, or even hoping he'll come back, but you do have to go out and TRY to live your life. I hang out with friends and go to movies, and the whole time I'm wishing I was with my ex and thinking of him. but at least I'm still out doing something and not sitting at home crying over him. you will have days where you say "f**k him" and days where you think you are moving on and accepting its over. but the very next day or even hour, you could go back to crying saying "i miss him" "i don't want to let go". and that's okay. just don't stop living! go out and TRY to have fun.


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  • I think the bigger question is why do you want him back?

    He spreads fake rumours about you and tells friends you're a bad person and he's saying you're flirting with other guys and he only used you for his physical needs.

    • i love him regardless he did bad to me...its like he shows to my frds he cares but then why isn't he talking to me ? he tells them he wants to see me happy and all..i jus don't get him..

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  • My advice is run in the opposite direction and never look back


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